Money Draw

We are pleased to inform you that we are starting a new Monthly Money Draw. All money raised will initially go towards the refurbishment of the floors in the toilets and passage way (between church and hall) Also for much needed new curtains in the hall and library.

The draw will take place on the third Sunday of every month.

COST   You will be assigned a number which costs £5 per month. This will always be your number until you relinquish it for whatever reason.

PRIZES   50% of all money pledged will be given out as prizes, the other 50% will be used for the refurbishment of the hall. Each month the prizes may differ, according to how many numbers are sold.

HOW MANY NUMBRS CAN I BUY?  You can buy as many numbers as you like. Each number costs £5 every month.

HOW DO I PAY?   There are various ways you can choose to pay:

    1: – Pay £60 per number for the year by cheque or bank transfer (12 draws)
    2: – Pay £30 per number for 6 months by cheque or bank transfer (6 draws)
    3: – Set up a standing order to pay £5 per number per month either monthly, quarterly or annually

WHO RUNS THE CLUB?   Jean Peterken, Maura Phipps and Fr Kevin Dring PP

You must be over 16 to take part

Pick up a leaflet at the back of the church for details.

Prize winners for April 2022:

1st Prize £109 Dennis Heard-White
2nd Prize £68 Nisha Gertrude Jose
3rd Prize £54 Anne Knowles
4th Prize £27 Angela Rawlinson
Special Easter Draw £90 Beatrice Jackson

Next draw – Sunday, 15th May; new Members welcome, Registration Forms at the back of the churches.
OLR Money Draw Gift vouchers for any occasion on sale from £5 for 1 draw.