Diocesan Lent Mission

MONDAYS beginning 22nd Feb.
An episode of Invited will be premiered on the diocesan website and across our social media channels.
This episode will contain teaching and testimony on a particular aspect of that week’s theme, with time for prayer and reflection.

THURSDAYS beginning 25th Feb. 7.30pm to 8.45pm.
Join a Zoom conference to discuss what we have heard, in groups.
There will be special groups for young adults, 18-35. Facilitators are needed to lead groups and volunteers will be offered a session to prepare them in advance. To sign up/offer to be a facilitator, go to the Diocesan website: abdiocese.org.uk/invited.

A worship song has been specially commissioned for the mission, and has been composed and recorded by One Hope Project, a wonderful Catholic Worship Band. You can find the Invited theme on YouTube: https://youtu.be/-43A-X6aOcw
You will see that they have also created a video with it.