Curry Night Caption Competition

Thank you to all who entered our competition.

The winning caption as judged by Fr Raglan is:

Look, it says here on the menu that there would be a Vindaloo option!

Congratulations to the winner Nick Woodall who receives a bottle of wine.

The other entries were:

You’re all flat! I’m the only one singing in tune!

Did I hear a clerical error?

A very generous gift, but where on earth will we put the eight cows that the maids are milking?

Now, I don’t mean to keep banging on about it, but twelve drummers drumming??

Sorry, my mistake, I just introduced you as ‘The Seven Deadly Sinners’ instead of ‘The Seven Medley Singers’!

Don’t look at me, I didn’t eat the brussel sprouts!

Really? This is an ID parade to discover who ate Santa’s mince pies? Ooh…

I see only three people seem to have picked up the Elf memo re dress code for the Twelve Days of Christmas. Perhaps I should have handed them out personally.